Monday, 18 August 2014

Five Most Loving Affiliate affiliate programs for Bloggers 2014

Five most attractive Affiliate Marketing programs for bloggers and Social media Platforms

Affiliate program are great way to earn money for bloggers, number of newbie search for various profitable Affiliate Programs to monetize their blogs, it is different from normal advertising service as bloggers get direct percentage from the sale of the products, affiliate programs does not count pageviews or Clicks. One thing in affiliate program is need to be remember is always try to sell those products to which you site is resembled(means if you are writing about movies then it will be not so good idea to promote electronic products) Here we are enlisting 5 best affiliate programs.

ClickBanks is one of the most sort Affiliate program by Bloggers, the program helps to connect bloggers with third party companies ( Companies that will be promoted by Blogger). ClickBanks is highest paying affiliate program, it provides upto 50% Commission on each product sale. Bloggers that write about digital products clickbank is profitable for them. If you want to become a ClickBank afiliate or wanna know more about you can see official website of clickbank that is 

If you talk about afiliate program so Amazon is i think most popular, as like other afiliate programs, it also provide commission on sale of product. Amazon also increases advertising fees if you sell more than 6 products in a month. As you know it is the world's largest shopping portal hence there is a millions of products to sell hence  you can customise your store as per your site content or you think your user will be interacted you can sell amazon products at blogs, Social media platforms, websites etc.
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Freelancer is little different from other affiliate marketing program, it pay you only for driving traffic and registering under your referral must be a legit one. you will also get $1 bonus for every friend you invite, the company also pay you 10% of the total project cost submitted by your referral after the completion of project . Freelancer has number of options for advertisement like banner, Text links etc
Check here for Freelancer affiliate programs

As the name implies it is a theme provider company, it has some exciting offers like it gives you 20% commission for each sale by your refferal, here you get commission on each and every Theme purchased by your referral. the business model work like that you just visit to the thememonster official website register yourself get a unique referral code, embed in your blog template or social account and earn money from the others purchases for each 100$ purchase you will get 20$ doing nothing
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It is the lagest theme provider, this affiliate program gives you 30% of the first cash deposit of your referral, you will get 30$ for 100$ purchase, to get register in themeforest affiliate marketing program all you have to do is just visit official website of themeforest sign up for a Envato account generate a referral link then share this link. one think you must remember that you will not get any money on second time deposit of your referral.
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