Monday, 15 September 2014

Submit Url to Google & Fetch as Google help your site to get indexed instantly

If you are really impatient to get your blog indexed soon so you can you use Google Submit your URL option and Fetch as Google to index your site in just few seconds. Read the whole post that will guide you through the whole process.

Why your Phone Battery is heating and Dying early

Phone Battery is heating and Dying off | being drained so fast

Smartphones are globally most used phones now, chatting with friends on Facebook, Whatsapp, Viber, browsing internet all forces us to use phone up to long duration without a relief.
Smarphones uses more power to perform their operations as they perform better in terms of Audio, Visuals, data services etc. this causes draining of battery fast but problem become more severe when your battery is being buldge (being Fat), I Googled about this and find out it happens due to thermal runway, actually I am facing this kind of problem so what is the solution and how to know your phone is in problem is discussed in this post.

Sunday, 14 September 2014

Add your blogger blog to Google Webmasters Tools & Google Analytics in a easiest way step by step

Best way to Submit your Blog to Webmaster Tools & Google Analytics

We all bloggers want to have descent amount of Traffic on our Blog, most of traffic a new blogger receive is organic traffic, means visitors that are searching something on Google and directed to your site is termed as Organic while, Visitors that directly write your url in address bar like and reaches to your blog is direct traffic.

Earn easy money by Uploading Files to these Websites

There are several ways to make Money online these days, everybody wants to have some fair amount of income from their Online Work. You can create some by writing some great Content on the net through blog, website via creating Online Apps and so on but one of the famous idea these days are being popular is making money by uploading files here we have 15 most famous site that let you earn money by files uploading, just make your user account there and start earning money

Tuesday, 19 August 2014

How i get my adsense approved in 20 days with 33 Posts

Hi, Bloggers
I am damn sure you have already heard about Google Adsense, although  lets have a brief info. it is a advertising program offered by Google, the internet Giant & most used search engine around the world.
Google Adsense help bloggers, website owners, entrepreneurs to monetize their blog, website and web services.

Monday, 18 August 2014

Videocon D2h Contact Number Customer Care Number Toll Free Number Recharge Plans Offers Offices

Videocon D2h Contact Number Customer Care number Toll Free Number Recharge plans Offers Complaint Numbers official website 

Videocon d2h is a direct to home TV broadcasting service provider in India, the Service provides over 500 Channels using MPEG-4 and DVBS-2 Technology, the service provides following features
  • Multiple Tickers
  • 12 PIP Mosaic
  • 21 Active music Audio/Video Channels
  • d2h Movies 
  • 15 Sports Channels and all GEC channels 

Five Most Loving Affiliate affiliate programs for Bloggers 2014

Five most attractive Affiliate Marketing programs for bloggers and Social media Platforms

Affiliate program are great way to earn money for bloggers, number of newbie search for various profitable Affiliate Programs to monetize their blogs, it is different from normal advertising service as bloggers get direct percentage from the sale of the products, affiliate programs does not count pageviews or Clicks. One thing in affiliate program is need to be remember is always try to sell those products to which you site is resembled(means if you are writing about movies then it will be not so good idea to promote electronic products) Here we are enlisting 5 best affiliate programs.