Monday, 15 September 2014

Why your Phone Battery is heating and Dying early

Phone Battery is heating and Dying off | being drained so fast

Smartphones are globally most used phones now, chatting with friends on Facebook, Whatsapp, Viber, browsing internet all forces us to use phone up to long duration without a relief.
Smarphones uses more power to perform their operations as they perform better in terms of Audio, Visuals, data services etc. this causes draining of battery fast but problem become more severe when your battery is being buldge (being Fat), I Googled about this and find out it happens due to thermal runway, actually I am facing this kind of problem so what is the solution and how to know your phone is in problem is discussed in this post.

Why your Phone Battery is heating and discharging in an 1-2 hour?
Phone battery dying fast

On doing some of the research with mobile engineers, In most of the cases the battery is dye soon because of internal shortage inside board of your Cellphone in that case it becomes almost impossible to repair Mobile phone since it becomes so hard to find the short inside the board, as in India most of the mobile repair shop don’t have such kind of facility.
The nature and exact resistance of the short can be measured with the help of Multimeter, here is the steps that let you measure the short inside your phone board.

  •  just set your multimeter for diode measurement
  • Now take off the battery from your Phone
  • Just connect your leftmost and rightmost terminal of your Phone with the two connectors(Red & BlacK) of Multimeter
  • Check the reading
  • Again change the position of connectors, check reading again

If you are finding readings in 400 or 300 there is some potential short in your phone board that is draining your phone battery fast also your phone is heating due to this

Why Phone Battery die off instantly?
Batterys that are used in either Mobile Phones, Laptops and several other electronic devices that are used by humans in closed contact are often protected and monitored by Smart circuits that allow control flow of current through the battery not only that it controls charging level and Cutoff the circuit before blowing away of the battery.
Due to problem in that circuit your Phone Battery may die off instantly and your smartphone switches off instantly, and you think what that.. Don’t worry just get your battery repaired from any experience tech personnel

WarningAll this work  needs supervision from experienced technical person, hence don’t try to open battery circuit at home.

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