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Add your blogger blog to Google Webmasters Tools & Google Analytics in a easiest way step by step

Best way to Submit your Blog to Webmaster Tools & Google Analytics

We all bloggers want to have descent amount of Traffic on our Blog, most of traffic a new blogger receive is organic traffic, means visitors that are searching something on Google and directed to your site is termed as Organic while, Visitors that directly write your url in address bar like and reaches to your blog is direct traffic.

If you are newbie and searching for how to add my blog to Google Webmasters tools or Google Analytics then this post will solve all your problems

Google Webmasters Tool

It is free & most helping tool for a webmaster, Google Suggest every website/blog owner to submit his site to the Google Webmasters tool since it improves visibility of your site in Google Search Results & if  you are being ranked higher. Personally after creating any Wordpress Blog or Blogger blog first thing i do is submit my site to Google Webmasters Tools and Google Analytics

Adding your site to Google Analytics


Write Google Analytics in Google Search

I search it and find This Search result on the Top, if you find so click on it

you will reach to the official website of Google Analytics, it may look like this or may not (as Google Keep on Updating)

On the top right corner, you will find two links one for Sign in & other for Create an account (you can see in this image also)

Click on Sign in option

Click on Admin See below the address bar top left

Create new property from drop down Property Menu

Fill in Website Name, Website url, Select your Industry & Time Zone

Click on Get Tracking ID

Copy your Tracking Id

Now Visit to your Blogger Dashboard, by entering in address bar

Select your Blog, you want to track, click on Settings, Select Other

At the Bottom you can see Google Analytics, and Paste the Analytics Web Property ID 

Save  it 

Now Reload your site and open Google Analytics

Click on All Website Data

Click on Real Time, then Overview

Again refresh your site, if you find online visitor so every thing is working

Submit Your Site to Webmaster tools with help of Google Analytics property tracking ID

Now add new site by 

Entering your Website Url like

Verify it via Analytics Property Id

If everything is done as suggested you will able to submit your Blogger blog to Google Anlytics and Webmaster Tools


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