Monday, 15 September 2014

Submit Url to Google & Fetch as Google help your site to get indexed instantly

If you are really impatient to get your blog indexed soon so you can you use Google Submit your URL option and Fetch as Google to index your site in just few seconds. Read the whole post that will guide you through the whole process.

Crawling & Indexing of a Website by Google
Google Crawls whole web and find new pages, post, websites and index it  so when any Google user search for any query it gives most suitable result on the basis of algorithm and crawled data and Use visit to that Website, the traffic derived through these steps is known as Organic Traffic

New blogs and website with less social exposure takes long time to index in Google, here is few tips that will help your blog to get indexed easily in few seconds.

Tools to Index my site or Blogger blog Instantly

If you want to get indexed easily or instantly there are two ways

1. Submit your URL directly to Google
2. Use Fetch as Google tool to index your page

Submit your Site to Google is a tool that help Google to discover new page with the help of website owners, if you wan to submit your site to Google, just search for Submit my site to Google and Select Website Owner or any other that suits you best and Copy paste your url that you want to appear in Google index just fill in the captcha Challenge and submit request, leave all to Google within few minutes your blog will be start appearing in Google index, if you are thinking my blog is new and how to know whether it is indexed or not just copy & Search the title of your post in Google if again not finding it then write website URL also with the post title you Webpage will appear in search result and not only that it will be first result also in search result

Fetch as Google
Fetch as Google is a option in Google Webmaster Tools that help webmasters to increase visibility of their website, so if you are aware about Google Webmaster tools just click select fetch as Google under the Crawl option  and Submit the page you want to fetch select desktop and Fetch it, within few seconds your Blog starts appearing in Google index

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