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How i get my adsense approved in 20 days with 33 Posts

Hi, Bloggers
I am damn sure you have already heard about Google Adsense, although  lets have a brief info. it is a advertising program offered by Google, the internet Giant & most used search engine around the world.
Google Adsense help bloggers, website owners, entrepreneurs to monetize their blog, website and web services.

Abut two years back, i was desperate to become a Google Adsense Publisher, many of my friends ask me about approving Adsnese, it is really great to share experience  that can help people like me.

My experience with Adsense

Initially started my blogging career with Google blogger, here you find Earnings option in Blogger dashboard as like this.

I click on it and i found Google Adsense, i found your blog does not qualify for Adsense, since i was newbie at that time i don't know even basic of SEO or Website quality guidelines. After few days research i got to know about Google Webmaster Tools and Google Analytics.

After few days i started to work on another website of my friend, this was a technical website and started to maintain quality guidelines like

Common Mistakes you should Avoid for Adsense

  • Never Copy Content from anywhere/ Write Original Content

 Most of the Newbie bloggers caught in a habit of copying content from Wikipedia, official website sometime  from another website etc, Never do this if you want to become a Adsense Publisher. It is really hard to write something purely original and Useful content on Web, don't worry you can get ideas from other blog modify it

Easy Navigation 
For reducing bounce rate and improving your traffic you should not make navigation cumbersome,  add Html Sitemap to your blog/website. lets see an example you want to download a software from website you search for abc download, you click on the first search result in Google search result,  that lead to software downloading site, now you are seeing a large Download button, you click on it & found it is an advertisement obviously it will irritate you.Google don't love Pop Ups hence for easily get Adsense approved don't use pop ups.

Important Pages
It is good to have two most important pages on your blog About & Privacy Policy, it justify your responsibilities towards your blog, think about it. most of the bloggers give a suggestion to write these posts first. it will help your to secure some positive points

There are two type of  most important link type one is internal another is external

External links: these links lead to the another web page, it is considerable important for your website health as well as Google Adsense. Googlebot ( it is software that crawl/fetch data to Google servers from whole of the web) crawls your webpage and check quality of external links, if you have linked your site from any such site that violates Adsense terms and policies then your Google Adsense application will be disapproved.

Internal links: Internal links link your one blog page to another, you can select SEO Prefered anchor texts in inbound/internal links

Myths about approving Google Adsense

  • 6 Month old domain age

  It is not really true for other blogs and website then Google Blogger, since  i was able to get my adsense approved within one month

  • Number of Posts

Number of Posts does not matter actually but quality of posts matters, try to write original and useful content on your blog, my Adsense was approved on 33 posts.

Steps in approving Google Adsense / Apply for Google Adsense

Sign up for Google Adsense

Click on Getting Started button

Fill all the details

Enter your standard domain address as

Submit you application

Google will give you a Ad Code

Just Paste in widget section of wordpress blog or blogger sidebar

Adsense crawlers will crawl your requested url/blog

If your site complies with Adsense terms & Policies

Advertisement will be started to show on your Website/blog

Sign Up for Google Adsense HERE 

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